10 Reasons Why CMMS is the Best (or Worst) Thing.

Why CMMS is the Best (or Worst?) thing that ever happened to maintenance management.

12/19/20221 min read

1: CMMS is always reminding you to update your preventive maintenance schedule, even when you're on vacation.

"Hey, remember to update your PM schedule! Oh wait, you're on the beach sipping a margarita. Better do it when you get back. #vacationruined"

2: CMMS tells you what to do, but it doesn't actually do it for you.

"Thanks for the suggestion, CMMS. I'll get right on it. Oh wait, I still have to do the actual work. #thanksbutnothanks"

3: CMMS alerts are the bane of your existence.

"Another CMMS alert? I swear, it's like the system is trying to drive me insane. #alertoverload"

4: CMMS makes you feel like you're constantly behind.

"Great, another task added to my already overflowing to-do list. Thanks, CMMS. #neverendingtasks"

5: CMMS makes it easy to forget important things.

"Hey, did you remember to schedule that equipment inspection? Oh wait, I left my CMMS login at the office. #cmmsmemorylapse"

6: CMMS helps you procrastinate.

"Okay, just one more game of solitaire before I tackle those tasks on my CMMS list. #procrastinationstation"

7: CMMS makes you feel like you're constantly under surveillance.

"Is it just me, or does it feel like CMMS is always watching me? #cmmsbigbrother"

8: CMMS makes you feel like you're constantly on call.

"Great, another emergency maintenance request. Thanks for the heads up, CMMS. #oncall24/7"

9: CMMS is the ultimate time-waster.

"Okay, just one more YouTube video before I get back to work. Oh wait, it's been two hours. Thanks, CMMS. #timewaster"

10: Despite all its flaws, you can't imagine life without CMMS.

"Sure, CMMS can be a pain in the neck sometimes. But without it, how would we keep track of all our maintenance tasks? #lovehaterelationship"

Well, in conclusion, CMMS may not be perfect, but it's a necessary evil that helps us keep things running smoothly (most of the time).