Is SuperCMMS Really FREE?

Short and long answer: YES.

12/20/20221 min read

Short and long answer: Yes. SuperCMMS is 100% FREE.

SuperCMMS - The Origins.

SuperCMMS is developed by Digitised Energy (DE), a big data analytics firm for renewable energy. DE's big data analytics solutions generate lots of valuable insights about the functioning of Solar and Wind Assets. Very early on we recognised there was no easy way to assign, log, track, and work on these insights. So we built an internal tool to automatically ingest these insights and generate work orders. Slowly - with the addition of asset and inventory management capabilities - this internal tool morphed into a full fledged 'Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)'.

Recognising the industry wide need for an easy-to-use CMMS, we spun out our internal CMMS module into a standalone product - SuperCMMS.

While core development is taken care of by DE, we intend to make SuperCMMS independent and financially sustainable. We achieve this by offering 'Enterprise Support'.

A good CMMS keeps the factory, shop floor, building, coffee machine, water supply ... and the whole modern way of life up and running peacefully. We want SuperCMMS to do just that - without you having to worry about budgets.

So go ahead and start using SuperCMMS if you need it.