Offline Mode is Dangerous to CMMS.

When it comes to CMMS, offline mode can be potentially dangerous. Here's why.

12/25/20221 min read

We believe 'Offline Mode' is dangerous for a mission critical app like SuperCMMS. We try to illustrate our viewpoint here.

Your friend posts a cat picture on INSTAGLOP. You type, “AWWW! CUTE”, and just when you hit send, you lose connectivity. But your mobile app is intelligent. IT HAS OFFLINE MODE. An hour later when internet comes back, your comment is automatically sent. Everything is rainbows and unicorn fund rounds.


You have to do some electrical maintenance work at a building and you update the work order, “Electrical work in progress. Power supply switched OFF.”

Once your work is done, you update the work order status, “Electrical work done. Power supply is now ON.” Just when you hit send, you lose connectivity.

Meanwhile, in another part of the building, a colleague still has ‘Power supply switched OFF’ as the status of this work order. So he decides to do some other related electrical maintenance work. He soon becomes toast.

But hey, it’s not your problem. YOU CAN BLAME IT ON OFFLINE MODE.


When doing critical/hazardous maintenance work, you need a ‘SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH’. With offline mode there are multiple truths. And this is why offline mode becomes dangerous for CMMS.

Offline mode is OK for random consumer apps but dangerous for mission critical stuff.

At SuperCMMS, apart from Offline Mode, we do not use AI, ML, Blockchain, Web3 and other fancy stuff. We're not critical of these technologies. While we do play around and experiment with them, we do not yet have the expertise to make them safely usable in a product like SuperCMMS. If at all we make use of these technologies, we'll let you know in advance with ample warnings.